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Nothing can be more frightening than being charged with a criminal offense.  Whether you were pulled over for a DWI or accused of a serious felony, the decisions you make regarding your case will have long lasting consequences.  You need an attorney like Mr. Storey who will listen to you and use his 25 years of experience in criminal justice to guide you.


It is easy for a person to underestimate the importance of properly handling class c misdemeanors, or tickets. However,ignoring or failing to properly dispose of these cases is a serious matter. To the casual observer it may seem as simple as paying a bill, but simply paying a ticket can lead to a series of events that may take years and hundreds of dollars to repair. Certain tickets are offenses in the Penal Code such as Assault and Theft. A conviction for these will be permanently recorded on one's criminal history and can have dire consequences for immigration purposes, even for legal residents. 


Expunctions and orders for non-disclosure are a great benefit to people who qualify.  Many times employers and others will hold criminal matters against a person even when the case is dismissed or an individual was found not guilty in a trial.  Although this sounds grossly unfair, in most instances it is perfectly legal.  An expunction will destroy the records of a case and an order for non-disclosure will greatly reduce their availability to the public and future employers. 

drivers license law

Under the law a driver's license is a privilege and not a right, but for those of us who live in the southwest that may not seem to match the requirements of our daily lives. We live in a car culture and the fact is that you may not be able to hold a job, go to school or buy groceries if you cannot drive a vehicle. If you are driving illegally or facing that possibility there are now very painful consequences if you are caught driving without a valid license. You need legal counsel in order to understand all of your options.


Parole is a unique process and attorneys with experience in parole law are not common. Mr. Storey will use his experience as a probation officer, prison worker and his 18 years practicing parole law in Texas to help you or someone close to you with an application for parole or a defense in a revocation procedure. 


Even though criminal accusations can deprive a person of their freedom it is loss of family and especially children that seem to be the most difficult to face. Many people find it easier to overcome the consequences of a criminal action than the fallout of a divorce or child custody battle. There is no one size fits all approach. Some cases require a more aggressive strategy, but frequently the parties will experience greater long-term satisfaction through negotiation.  Shawn Storey has been handling these matters since 1998 and will help you consider your current situation as well as the future happiness of you and your child.